Do you ship to [my country]?




  • Sirena Sir-Ray Ray Gomez
  • 张程璐

    Hi, I want to ship to United States but it shows i am unable to ship, so what can i do?

  • Rosa Rivera

    Yes it won't let me get through the shipping to usa

  • Lauren

    As mentioned before, my order was not able to ship to the United States

  • edgar aleman

    Trying to order circle lenses but it says "Sorry, there was a problem with your shipping country, please contact us and we'll have this fixed asap!" I'm in the us btw.

  • Estephaniee Blakey

    Same here will not let me check out. Saying there was a problem with the shipping country. Im also in the united states.

  • Kailey Boesch

    Hi! Same problem for me here too, I'm currently attempting to buy contacts from the US but it is saying there's a problem with my shipping country!

  • Heidi Aragon

    I have that same problem cannot ship to USA error when trying to make my order??How do I get my contacts shipped to the USA??

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